A great story always starts with a spectacular individual. The name of the man whose vision permeates these walls is Antoine Maille, Master mustard and vinegar maker. By 1747, this talented craftsman had been singled out by France’s King Louis XV, who appointed him « royal supplier ».
The courts of Russia, Austria, Hungary and Prussia soon followed. In 1830, the King of England elected La MaisonMaille as one of his privileged purveyors. Even today, Antoine’s heirs perpetuate this savoir faire, the modern day artisans of taste.
The creativity and refinement of Maille are still alive and deliver the same simplicity, devotion and great passion. So the soul of La Maison Maille lives on in the art of the detail and nuance.
Maille’s explosion of flavours and aromas unite a variety of sensations, exciting taste buds and inspiring the finest gourmet palate.

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