The secret of the distinctive character of Dallmayr coffee lies in the green coffee.

We use the finest highland plants from the best coffee-growing areas of the world. Our most important source countries are Ethiopia, Papua New Guinea, Colombia and Brazil.

What types of coffee are there?

From delicate to robust

Two of the many different types of coffee which exist play an important role: arabica (coffea arabica) and robusta (coffea canephora). They provide 98 % of the green coffee produced throughout the world.

In terms of its taste, arabica is the finer of the two varieties. It is grown at altitudes of up to 2,200 m and is harvested by hand in a time-consuming process.

The higher the coffee grows, the cooler the annual average temperature is, which is why the coffee cherries ripen more slowly at higher altitudes. This gives them more time to develop their flavour, aroma and delicate acidity.

Dallmayr Prodomo

Dallmayr Prodomo is a top-quality blend of the finest Arabica highland coffee from the best cultivation regions in the world.

With a full caffeine content, this invigorating coffee is specially refined and free from numerous irritants and bitterness.

Perfect for those with more sensitive taste buds.

Through the Dallmayr full aroma roasting procedure, Prodomo yields a truly unmistakeable flavour.


Dallmayr Classic

Dallmayr Classic is the ideal entry-level coffee for price-conscious connoisseurs who want to sample Dallmayr coffee and enjoy its unrivalled quality. Coffees of the finest provenance are carefully selected, mixed by our experts and perfected thanks to the special Dallmayr art of roasting.

Dallmayr Prodomo Decaffeinated

Dallmayr Entcoffeiniert offers the ultimate coffee pleasure. The finest Arabica highland beans are carefully decaffeinated and refined through the Dallmayr full aroma roasting process. A harmonious Dallmayr coffee, decaffeinated with a full aroma.

Dallmayr Espresso d'Oro

Top-quality blend from the finest cultivation regions in the world. The most exquisite coffee varieties are selected and gently roasted to yield this blend's trademark golden-brown crema.

This barista quality coffee unveils the aroma of Italy and is best enjoyed when prepared in a portafilter or espresso maker.

Dallmayr Espresso Monaco

Its light body and fine aroma carrying echoes of chocolate intertwine to form a delicately acidic note. A gently roasted, sophisticated espresso speciality.

Dallmayr Ethiopia

Dallmayr Ethiopia is a unique blend from Ethiopia – the original home of coffee. Exquisite Arabica highland beans lend this coffee an intensely spicy, elegant and pleasantly floral aroma. The enjoyment of coffee with the pleasant feeling of doing something good… for yourself and others.

Dallmayr Neiva

Dallmayr Neiva is a sophisticated Arabica highland coffee with a fine citrus note and a spicy, fresh aroma. Thirty per cent of the coffee beans come from farms with the Rain Forest Alliance certificate for environmental protection and sustainability.

Dallmayr Prodomo Naturmild

This finely tuned blend of special arabica highland coffee beans is naturally low in acidity – with a full caffeine content. To harmoniously round off the experience of enjoying a mild coffee, the beans are roasted with particular care. This allows the gentle aroma to unfold perfectly in the cup.

Dallmayr Capsa 

The innovative capsule for Dallmayr capsa is perfect for protecting the coffee's aroma without any additional packaging.

Discover our capsa range:


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