Every day, 200 million people in over 140 countries are using a Cricket lighter. And this is not a coincidence.

These lighters represent quality and safety. All Cricket lighters sold worldwide have been through more than 60 quality tests and are certified ISO 9994. The automatic flame means that dangerously high flames are not a problem. Moreover, each Cricket lighter is resistant to temperatures up to 65 degrees Celsius.

In Romania are 7 assortments of Cricket lighters: Mini Simplicity, Original Simplicity, Original Avanti, Original Carlton, Original Fusion, Mini Trend Addict Simplicity and Electronic Simplicity.

Product Advantages:
1. It is a premium quality lighter.
2. Meets all global safety standards.
3. Due to the material that is made of, it can be left in the sun or at temperatures of 65 degrees C for 4 hours without any major damages.
4. Nylon 6.6 is the material of which Cricket lighters are manufactured and it is fireproof.
5. It has a constant flame, without any spinkleing or gas losses.
6. It can be inserted in the package after only 3 cigarettes consumed.
7. It contains a larger amount of gas lighter than other lighters.
8. It is easy to use, both for women and men.
9. Has an attractive design that can be customized. 


Mini Simplicity 

  Original Simplicity


  Original Carlton

Original Fusion

 Original Avanti



Mini Trend Addict Simplicity



Electronic Simplicity




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